Did We Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement

September 2, 2023 | by

After years of debate, the United States officially rejoined the Paris climate agreement on February 19, 2021. The decision was made by President Joe Biden, who signed the paperwork on his first day in office.

The Paris climate agreement is a global treaty adopted in 2015, with the goal of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The agreement requires countries to submit their own nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and increase their use of renewable energy sources.

The United States was one of the original signatories of the Paris climate agreement but withdrew in November 2020, under the Trump administration. The withdrawal was met with criticism from both domestic and international communities, with many arguing that the move was irresponsible and harmful to the global fight against climate change.

However, the rejoining of the agreement by the Biden administration has been met with widespread praise, as it signals a renewed commitment to addressing the challenges of climate change.

In rejoining the Paris climate agreement, the United States has committed to submitting a new NDC, which will outline its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. This commitment is crucial, as the United States is one of the world`s largest emitters of greenhouse gases and has a significant role to play in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The rejoining of the Paris climate agreement by the United States is a positive development for the global fight against climate change. It is a reminder that the challenges of climate change require collective action and cooperation from all nations. As we move forward, it is important that we continue to prioritize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the transition to renewable energy sources, and the implementation of sustainable practices, in order to mitigate the impacts of climate change on our planet and our communities.


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